Yes, you ARE truly beautiful because you are wonderfully & uniquely made!

What does beauty mean to you?  Is it your outward appearance? Is it your inner soul? Or a combination of both?  Do YOU think you're beautiful?  If so, what or whom has made you feel that way?

Many of us have struggled with what is considered to be beautiful in a world where society dictates what is or is not acceptable. I want to share with you today that, YES, you are indeed beautiful because I see both your inner and outer beauty as a fellow human being.  As my brothers and sisters under the one Heaven God created.  This isn't a religious fanatic page.  It is simply a place where we can embrace each other and celebrate our uniqueness no matter where on this planet you come from or where you are headed.  What IS important is that you recognize and acknowledge your worth as an individual.  When you accept yourself and love yourself for who you are, you will harness the power you already carry within. 

Start to look at the beauty within you and around you.  You will see life in a much brighter perspective and it will allow you the opportunity to regain a fresh start in a positive light.  Who do you wish to become?  Are you in competition with others?  Do you compare yourself with the masses?  Or are you simply working on creating the best version of you there could ever be?

I hope you choose the latter.  Because each one of us has a very unique purpose in this life.  And that in itself is beautiful.  Nothing happens by chance but everything is ordained. For every little thing under the sun has a reason for being and we are not just little beings. We are masters... kings and queens under the guidance of our Heavenly Father who is telling you today, that you are truly loved. That you are His masterpiece and in you He sees immeasurable beauty.  He carefully imagined you, built you, created you because your very existence is vital and truly important to Him and to those who will have the honor of meeting you. 


So always remember...

No matter what you may go through - no matter the trials and struggles - no matter the setbacks, you still have a divine destiny to fulfill. Life was not promised without troubles, but it was promised with hope and renewal.  When you have been blessed to see another morning, you are being told that your work on this earth is not over just yet.  You are either in the midst of beginning your journey or still in the middle of finishing your life's purpose.

Your visit to my website was no coincidence.  You needed to have someone remind you that you are loved... even by a total stranger.  Because He loved us first! And we are made in His image.  We were beautifully made in love and with love. 

So today, take a moment to thank yourself for simply being you.  Give praise to yourself for honoring the beauty God has given you and also honor and praise Him for giving you life.  He's not done with you yet.  I testify today that all your hardships, your tears, your pain, your struggles, your heartache, and the betrayals you have faced... they ALL have a purpose.  Yes, every experience we've had - both the good & the awful nasty ones - all have a reason for happening.

And it may seem as though an eternal fire is ripping through your soul as though it will never end, but hold steadfast to your faith and remain unwavering in your belief that it will get better.  And you WILL be on the road to recovery.  Whether it's that new job you need, a house, a car, a family... whatever your heart's desire, it will come to fruition.

And when you feel as though the burdens of the world are at your feet, look up and exclaim out loud: "LORD, I AM BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE YOU MADE ME! AND TOGETHER I WILL LIVE IN VICTORY!"

You've got this, my beautiful fellow human being! You will reign over anything you set your mind to. Just remember to always be kind, generous in your giving, help others, but more importantly help yourself by loving yourself.  There's nothing wrong with being just a lil' selfish when taking care of your needs.  For when you are in good strength, you can extend that very strength to others who are in need.



Much love,


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~Michelle Obama






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