This cute collection contains (5) different designs.  You will receive (2) of each design for a total of TEN goodie bags.  


***AND in celebration of our upcoming Valentine's Holiday as well as MY BIRTHDAY, you will be receiving a BONUS SET of 2 extra goodies bags in red that says "LOVE" with polkadots on the back.***


These are made with 75 G/M, #20 paper.  They are each approx. 6 1/4" in height by 4 1/2" in width.

They are super cute with an ecclectic mix for any crafty project.

Goodie Bags - AMOR Collection - Set of 10

Choose your favorite color
    • 75 G/M, #20 paper
    • Approx. 6 1/4" x 4 1/2"