It started with a simple dream. A fanciful, liberating romance with all sorts of beautifully-made leaflets. I took a pen to paper at the age of 2 and have been creating life on print ever since. 

It's been a whirlwind of an experience this life of mine!  And it has all been recorded in some form or another on paper - just as many of you have done so.  

I'm just a girl who's always had an obsession with paper - all sorts of stationery related goodies, for that matter... probably WAY before it was "popular" amongst youngsters. 

Although, I'm totally infatuated with stationery, I actually have a hard time keeping track of my daily activities in a traditional planner. I create planners & journals that are a bit more free-form, if I can call it that. Basically, my items tend to be a reflection of how crazy or unpredictable life can be. And that is what I offer all of you -- fun planner journals with a smash-book inspired style to each. 


Well, because LIFE isn't just unpredictable for me, but for ALL of us & isn't it just lovely to have a journal or planner that is conducive to creativity despite the craziness of life? 

Having a little book of memories & reminders of daily life that does not constrict your writing to a specific agenda, style, or form makes life's daily tasks a bit easier & much more fun to work with, allowing YOU to be creatively FREE to be inspired!

That, my sweet lovelies, is what you will find in my quaint lil' online shoppe. And I hope you have tons of fun perusing through all the goodies I have to offer.

And along the way, I'll share snippets of my life & how I incorporate all that I experience & love into everything I create! 

Join me in my journey and let's all...

Ignite, Invoke, Inspire™ ourselves to dream, wish, and eventually build our goals into a concrete reality!






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